The Fed Ed - Advocating for Suburban Schools

Representation in Washington

Lobby trips to Washington to advocate for positive changes in NCLB, IDEA funding, and other critical issues. Coordination for members who wish to visit their Representatives and assistance in presenting special grant requests.

Networking Opportunities

​Invitations to Fed Ed functions including the fall and spring federal legislative luncheons for Superintendents and Board members.

Trusted Information Updates

Fed Ed members receive regular email updates on Federal legislation, policy and the budget that can be used to update your Boards and administrators.

Welcome to Fed Ed

FED ED is a consortium of Illinois school districts, educational organizations and corporate sponsors that represents the interests of suburban schools in our nation's capitol. FED ED was created in recognition of the fact that school districts can no longer be satisfied with representation only in the state capitol, but also need forceful, positive representation in our nation's capitol. The increasing importance of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) demand that public schools have an organized presence in Washington, D.C. FED ED represents over 500,000 school children in over 110 member school districts and corporate sponsors.


Provides a voice for the unique needs of suburban districts.

  • Advocate for suburban schools and other related organizations to federal legislators and policy makers.
  • Assist members in formulating and articulating positions on federal legislation, funding, and policy.
  • Keep members informed regarding relevant federal legislation and policy issue.
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Join The Fed Ed

FED ED's Membership is Extremely Cost Effective​. Annual membership is only $325.00 for school districts, other educational agencies and corporate or individual sponsors.​

Contact Details

Tim Thomas
Telephone: 1-312-215-6312

Judy Hackett
Telephone: 1-630-878-0250

546 E. Delgado Drive
Suite 100
Palatine, IL 60074