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Building collaborative partnerships with federal legislators and other association leaders and liaisons to intensify the focus and understanding regarding the needs and interests of suburban school districts in northern Illinois.

FED ED continues to be the only organization with its sole focus on suburban school systems and was formed over a decade ago to address those unique aspects of public school systems across Lake, Cook, Dupage, McHenry, Kendall and Kane counties in northern IL.

The Fed Ed Focus

  • ESSA Implementation
  • Federal/State Budget Support for Public Ed.
  • Oppose privatization of public education
  • Expanded Partnerships for Advocacy
  • 40+ years Experience
  • 100% Commented

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ESSA Implementation

Advocate for federal oversight of ESSA implementation that reflects the overarching and original intent of the legislation with approved state plans that provide the important support and flexibility that address the needs of districts, programs and students.

Expanded Partnerships for Advocacy

In a current climate of political change at the federal level, an increased focus on partnerships and building critical relationships that support the positive impact and importance of public education on the nation’s democracy and our future is absolutely necessary.

Federal/State Budget Support for Public Ed.

Oppose proposed cuts for education, reduced support and the surge of competitive grants. More than 90% of students in Illinois attend public schools and improvements in graduation rates, student performance and advances in educating children through a holistic personalized learning approach reflects a progressive educational field.

Education isn't a Commodity

Oppose privatization of public education, including private school tuition tax credits, which diverts funds for suburban public schools, erodes equitability in access and opportunity for all students.

An advocacy organization committed to positive federal influence for suburban school districts.

Our leadership and committee work continue to reflect the important aspects of advocacy, information and collaborative partnerships.

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FED ED's Membership is Extremely Cost Effective​. Annual membership is only $325.00 for school districts, other educational agencies and corporate or individual sponsors.​

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